Single Review: White Rabbits – Percussion Gun

by Katherine

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Judging by the increasingly ridiculous series of analogies that have been making up the New York five piece White Rabbits reviews lately (‘Imagine the love-child of James Mercer and Matt Berninger in bed with Ezra Kroenig crossed with Cold War Kids in a lift with Spoon performing covers of Belle & Sebastian while jamming with Arcade Fire…’), their latest single, ‘Percussion Gun, could have gone one of two ways – it could have been an unfortunate, deformed inbred child, with six fingers, eight toes and a regrettable surplus of limbs, or it could have been a glossy, sleekly formulaic affair, like a perfectly bred racehorse or red setter – and luckily for White Rabbits, ‘Percussion Gun’ falls squarely into the latter category…

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