Album Review: Citay – Dream Get Together

by Katherine

Citay’s third release ‘Dream Get Together’ may be more Soft Machine than Scarborough Fair, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty in here for folkies to enjoy – ‘Careful With That Hat’ sounds like Sufjan Steven’s Illinoisemakers rehearsing in an enchanted forest, only to be gate-crashed by Marnie Stern – ‘Dream Get Together’ is a singularly peculiar affair, swinging schizophrenically between bucolic freak-folk and balls-out, Classic Rock bravado.

However, ‘Dream Get Together’ is hardly going to make greasy Metallica fans feverishly burn their copies of ‘Master Of Puppets’ – ‘Dream Get Together’ is for those of us who like our guitar solos with the edges smoothed, coated in candy, sprinkled with sugar and wrapped up with a bow on top. Its classic rock, Jim, but not as we know it.

And naturally enough , ‘Dream Get Together’ contains bucketloads of the superfluous, guitar solo wankery which plagues much of the prog genre – the saccharine tinkling of ‘Careful With That Hat’ is unpleasantly weighted by a plethora of corkscrewing guitar solos which more than outstay their welcome – likewise, the simple, sweetness of the title track is prodded from pleasantly kitsch to simply cheesy by the same, pesky solos, and ‘Secret Breakfast’s synthesised, keyboard-laden intro and over-sleek guitar licks are indistinguishable from one of those crap MIDI music files you used to get on websites in the 90’s.

Sometimes, however, Citay’s predilection for excess lends ‘Dream Get Together’ it’s occasionally breathtaking splendour –the album highlight is, by far, a sinuous, rootsy cover of Galaxie 500’s ‘Tugboat’, where Citay’s infamous guitars are chopped into brief, twinkling peals, until lengthening out, gracefully, into multiple sparkling solos.