Album Review: Tallest Trees – The Ostrich Or The Lark

by Katherine


Even by skimming the track listing on Nashville psych-folk duo Tallest Tree’s debut it’s apparent that this is an album infused with the most chime-tinkling of whimsies. But whimsical doesn’t always have to mean flimsy, and there’s enough intrinsic catchiness in the Avey Tare-on-a-comedown jitter of ‘Love Like Blankets’ and the sun-dappled, xylophone-pop of ‘Alouette!’ to suggest that this album could very well wangle its way into the modern indie rock connoisseur’s consciousness. Although those who have an in-built aversion to star-gazey piffle will have their patience firmly tested here, for those of us who don’t mind an incense stick or two, Tallest Trees offer endearingly loopy art-pop brimming with effortless charm.

Download: ‘Alouette!’