Album Review: Imaad Wasif – The Voidist

by Katherine

From the top of his Noel Fielding-with-his-fingers-in-a-power-socket hair to the bottom of his pointy shoes, sometimes Yeah Yeah Yeahs fret-botherer Imaad Wasif is painfully cool. And, unsurprisingly enough, ‘The Voidist’ is an album of grandiose indie so trendy it’ll have Alison Mosshart quaking in her Converse – ‘Priestess’ is a spunky,Muse-esque slice of melodrama, topped by Wasif’s deftly pirouetting croon, while ‘Return To You’ is indie-rock so fixated on its own American Apparel-clad navel it could’ve easily rubbed shoulders with Grizzly Bear and co on the last Twilight soundtrack. In short, ‘The Voidist’ is bound to make legions of indie kids cream their skinny jeans, but for good reason. Katherine Rodgers 

7 out of 10