Album Review: Yeh Deadlies – The First Book of Lessons

by Katherine

The problem is with these sunny, surf-pop types is that they usually turn out to be as genuine as your ‘distressed’ skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters – soon enough, some drearily uptight public school upbringing is revealed, and the illusion comes crashing down like a particularly crumbly sandcastle. But Dublin-based indie-poppers Yeh Deadlies seem to be very much the real thing. On The First Book of Lessons, they manage to embody all of The Drums’ sun-kissed lo-fi without any of the aftertaste. The likes of ‘Disc Jockey Blues’ (an ode to seedy nightlife) pinwheel along dizzingly, buoyed by their perpetual cheeriness, while lush opener ‘The Present Perfect’ is a tangle of synth-washed pop – all wind-up guitar lines and hazy vocals. It might be cold outside but The First Book of Lessons is your ticket to high summer. Stick on your suncream and fall in love.


Key tracks: ‘The Present Perfect’, ‘Disc Jockey Blues’, ‘Magazine’
For fans of: The Magnetic Fields, The Field Mice, The Drums.

(Published in AU Magazine)