Ones To Watch: Alpines

by Katherine

Spectral South London electro…

“We want to make pop music, but we want it to be a bit deeper and darker than what you hear in the charts” says Bob Matthew, of South London duo Alpines. As much in debt to Rihanna as they are to The Cocteau Twins, the duo spin ethereal nu-goth with all the exuberance of mainstream pop. And if that isn’t a head-spinning enough cocktail for you, there’s the prospect of their upcoming debut – they’ve roped in Craig Silvey (he of ‘The Suburbs’) to unsurprisingly massive effect. “There’s a warmth and sound in his production that is missing from the demos” says Bob. “So far, it is sounding big!”

Night Drive EP is released on Polydor on 28th of March.

(Published in The Fly magazine)